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We Have An Array Of Beverages To Go With The Cuisine Of Your Choice, Be It Goan/Naga/North-Indian/English/Russian Or The Classic American

Shivers Special Cocktails

Baileys Banana Colada (INR 390)
Baileys, White Rum, Banana, Pineapple Juice, Fresh Cream, Coconut Syrup
Chocolate Express (INR 390.00)
Baileys, Hersheys, Coffee Liquor, Caramel & Cream
Full Power Urrak…Welcome To Goa (INR 290.00)
Urrak/ Lemonade/ Chilly/ Lime Juice/ Lemon & Salt
Long Island Ice Tea (INR 350.00)
Gin, Vodka, Tequila, White Rum, Triple Sec, Lime & Topped With Coke
Bull Frog (INR 350.00)
White Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Blue Curacao, Gin, Redbull

Classic Cocktails

Classic Mojitos…Please Feel Free To Ask For Flavors (INR 250.00)
White Rum Muddled With Lime, Fresh Mint And Topped Up With Lemonade
Margarita…Please Feel Free To Ask For Flavors (INR 280.00)
Tequila, Lime & Triple Sec
Martini Olive/Cappuccino Baileys (INR 300.00/350.00)
Daiquiri…Strawberry/Kiwi/Mango (INR 250.00)
White Rum, Lime Juice & Triple Sec
Bloody Mary (INR 250.00)
Vodka, Tomato Juice, Lime, Worcestershire, Tabasco & Salt
Pinacolada (INR 350.00)
White Rum, Coconut Cream, Coconut Liqueur & Pineapple Juice
Caipiroska (INR 300.00)

Shivers In-house Cocktails

Shivers Sinful Love (INR 350.00)
Vodka Muddled With Fresh Mint & Lime With Cranberry, Fresh Orange, & Watermelon
Peru Payala (INR 200.00)
Vodka, Guava Juice, Lime, Worcestershire, Tobacco & Salt


Cocobella (INR 220.00)
Vanilla, Coconut Cream & Chilled Milk
Black Currant Brigade (INR 220.00)
Grape Juice, Vanilla & Black Current
Mocaccino (INR 220.00)

Shooters (30 ML)

Jager Bomb (INR 500.00)
Jagermeister & Redbull
Baileys On The Rocks (INR 350.00)
B52 (INR 300.00)
Baileys, Coffee Liqueur, Triple Sec
Sambuca (INR 300.00)
Tequila (INR 150.00)
Village Fool (INR 150.00)
Cashew Fenny, Kokam Sherbet, Lime & Coconut Liqueur

Liquor (30 ML)

Single Malt
The Glenlivet 12yo (INR 300.00)
Imported Scotch
Chivas Regal (INR 250.00)
Jack Daniels (INR 250.00)
Black Label (INR 250.00)
Red Label (INR 180.00)
Ballantine’s Finest (INR 180.00)
Irish Whiskey
Jameson (INR 180.00)
Premium Scotch
Black & White (INR 130.00)
Teachers – Highlander (INR 130.00)
Black Dog 8 YO (INR 130.00)
Vat 69 (INR 90.00)
Premium Whisky
Signature (INR 60.00)
Blenders Pride (INR 60.00)
Grey Goose (INR 250.00)
Absolut (INR 180.00)
Smirnoff (INR 60.00)
Bacardi (INR 60.00)
Bacardi Black (INR 70.00)
Old Monk (INR 40.00)
Breezers (INR 160.00)
Beefeater (INR 190.00)
Blue Riband (INR 40.00)
Cashew Fenny (INR 40.00)
Brandy – Honey Bee (INR 40.00)
Urrak Bottle (INR 100)


Sparkling Wine Bottle
Champagne Sula Seco (INR 1300.00)
Premium Wine Bottle
Jacobs Creek (Chardonnay & Shiraz Cabernet) (INR 1600.00)
Groovers (INR 1300.00)
Fratelli Chenin/Shiraz (INR 1000.00)
Big Banyan (INR 1000.00)
Inhouse Wine Glass/Bottle
Sula Sauvignon (White) (INR 320.00/1200.00)
Sula Chenin (White) (INR 290.00/1100.00)
Sula Shiraz Cabernet (Red) (INR 290.00/1100.00)
Sula Rose Zinfandel (Rose) (INR 290.00/1100.00)
Regular Wine
Madera (INR 220.00/600.00)
Port Wine (INR 50.00/200.00)


Hoegaarden (INR 350.00)
Corona (INR 300.00)
White Owl Craft Beer (INR 150.00)
Kingfisher Large (INR 120.00)
Calsberg (INR 100.00)
Budweiser (INR 100.00)
Kingfisher Ultra (INR 100.00)
Tuborg (INR 90.00)
Kingfisher Pint (INR 80.00)
Kings (INR 80.00)


Red Bull (INR 200.00)
Diet Coke (INR 50.00)
Twist/Schweppes Tonic (INR 60.00/100.00)
Coconut Water (INR 60.00)
Lime Soda (INR 50.00)
Soft Drinks (INR 30.00)
Mineral Water (INR 30.00)
Canned/Fresh Fruit Juice (INR 60.00/120.00)
Milk Shake (Strawberry/Kiwi/Mango) (INR 200.00)

Dairy Beverages

Irish Coffee (INR 220.00)
Calypso Coffee (INR 220.00)
Cold Coffee (INR 200.00)
Coffee/Coffee Pot (INR 25.00/50.00)
Milky Coffee (INR 90.00)
Tea/Tea Pot (INR 20.00/40.00)

Lavazza Coffee

Cappuccino (INR 120.00)
Black Coffee (INR 100.00)
Expresso Shot (INR 100.00)
Latte (INR 100.00)

Important Note

To Avoid Any Misunderstanding And Confusion, Please Note Our Standard Pouring Measure Is 60 ML (Which Is A Double Measure Unless Asked For 30 ML, Which Is Single Measure). Prices Mentioned On The Menu Are For 30 ML Only.

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