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Our Menu Below Displays All The Scrumptious Dishes We Serve For Breakfast, The Sunday Roast Banquet As Well As The Multi-Cuisine A La Carte – Goan/Naga/North-Indian/English/Russian Or The Classic American. (Note : This Menu Is Not Exhaustive & Contains Only The Popular Fare Served, Detailed Menu Is Available At The Restaurant)

Brunch (12.00 noon onwards)

Full Monty English Breakfast (INR 390.00)
(Bacon, Sausages, Black Pudding, Hash Browns, Eggs, Heinz Beans, Tomatoes, Toast, Mushrooms, Juice ‘N’ Tea/Coffee)
Mini Breakfast (INR 290.00)
(Sausages, Heinz Beans, Egg To Order, Hash Brown, Mushrooms, Tomato, Toast ‘N’ Tea/Coffee)
Mad Burgers (Highly Recommended)
Classic American Cheese B.B.Q Burger (INR 490.00)
(Served With Jalapenos And Gherkins Topped With Cheddar Cheese, Chips And Coleslaw)
Plain Beef Tomato Lettuce Cheese Burger (INR 450.00)
Smoked Chicken B.B.Q Cheese Burger (INR 490.00)
(Served With Jalapenos And Gherkins Topped With Cheddar Cheese, Chips And Coleslaw)
Plain Chicken Tomato Lettuce Cheese Burger (INR 450.00)
Classical Indian Veg Burger (Aloo Tikki) (INR 350.00)
Bacon Lettuce Tomato Grilled Sandwich (INR 250.00)
Sausage Lettuce Tomato Grilled Sandwich (INR 250.00)
Heinz Beans On Toast (INR 190.00)
Eggs On Toast (INR 120.00)
Toast With Butter/Jam (INR 90.00)

A La Carte

We Serve Multi-Cuisine Spreads Ranging From Continental, Goan, North-Indian To Naga Cuisines. Find Below Detailed Menus Starting With Entrees To Desserts

Entrée (Appetizers)

Veg (INR 240.00)/Non-Veg (INR 280.00)/Seafood (INR 320.00)
Mermaids In Blankets
Prawns Wrapped In Bacon Topped With Cheese
Shrimp Cocktail
Prawns Marinated In A Thousand Island Dressing On A Bed Of Lettuce
Spicy Stuffed Calamari
Delicious Whole Squid Stuffed With Prawns And Tossed In A Goan Sauce
Shivers Satay Chicken
Chicken Skewers Served With Peanut Sauce
Delicious Bbq Chicken Wings
Chicken Liver Pate
Delicious Paste Of Buttered Chicken Liver Served With Toasted Bread
Veg/Chicken/Prawn Momos On Availability Or On Order
Traditional Nepali, Steamed/ Fried Buns Or Dumplings With A Tomato Based Spicy Sauce
Delicious Crispy Drums Of Heaven
Tangy Fried Saucy Chicken Lollipop Styled Winglet Tossed In A Sweet N Sour Sauce
Oriental Baby Spare Ribs On Availability (Special Price – INR 350.00)
Tender Mouthwatering Baby Pork Ribs Braised In Oriental Sauces
Farmers Basket Shivers Special (Vegetarian)
Crispy Basket Of Stripped Potatoes With Mushroom Red Wine Sauce


Seafood Thai Soup (INR 250.00)
Fresh Mixed Seafood Souped Together With Thai Spices
Borscht Soup (Veg INR 200.00/Non-Veg INR 220.00)
A Ukrainian Soup Veg/ Meat Made Mainly With Beetroot, Carrots, Cabbage & Potatoes


Veg (INR 220.00)/Non-Veg (INR 250.00)/Seafood (INR 280.00)
Coastal Seafood Salad
Fresh Mixed Seafood Together With Thousand Island Dressing, Lettuce & Lime
Sweet & Spicy Calamari/ Butter Garlic Calamari Salad
Asian Beef Salad
Ginger Soy Honey Marinated Beef Slices With Wasabi Dressing
Pomegranate Sliced Chicken Salad With Capers And Lime Dressing
Local Buffalo –Mozzarella Salad
Buffalo Mozzarella Wrapped In Rucola, Balsamic, Orange Wedges & Mint
North East Dried Beef/Smoked Pork Spicy Salad


Fish Wrapped In Filo Pastry Stuffed With Herbs And Olives (INR 620.00)
Served With White Wine Sauce
Thai Red Paste Chilli Lime Snapper (INR 590.00)
Served With Baby Potatoes And Spinach
Red Snapper In Indian Curry Served With Choice Of Sauces, Boiled Vegetables Along With Rice/ Mash (INR 550.00)
Choice Of Sauces Kadai/ Kolhapuri/ Tikka Masala/ Makhanwala
Grilled Seafood – Jumbo Prawns/ Tiger Prawns/ Pomfret/ Chonak/ Red Snapper/ Crabs/ Lobster
(Price Subject To Market Rates & Availability)
Choice Of Sauces: White Wine Mushroom / Sweet And Sour Salsa Sauce/ Butter Garlic Sauce/ Vindaloo Sauce


Special Bbq Rosemary Fillet Steak Served With Choice Of Sauces (INR 590.00)
White Wine Mushroom/ Green Pepper/ Blue Cheese With Mash/Chips
Blue Cheese Stuffed Beef Steak (INR 690.00)
Beef Steak Stuffed With Blue Cheese Sauce Served On A Bed Of Mash Potatoes
Chef Special Naga Beef, Dried Mushroom, Bamboo Shoot Curry With Steamed Rice/Mash/Chips (INR 490.00)
Roast Beef In Delicious Brown Sauce With Mash/Chips (INR 490.00)
Beef Lasagne With French Fries (INR 490.00)
Steak Onion Pie/Steak Kidney Pie Served With Mushy Peas, Mash/Chips (On Prior Order Only) (INR 490.00)
Spaghetti Bolognaise (INR 490.00)


Chef Special Naga Chicken Smoked Mushroom Bamboo Shoot Curry With Steamed Rice/Mash/Chips (INR 490.00)
Spiced North Eastern Chicken Dish With Bamboo Shoot And Local Spices
Chicken Kiev With Mash/Chips With White Wine Sauce (INR 490.00)
Deep Fried Stuffed Crumbed Chicken Breast In Butter Garlic Parsley
Chicken With Goat Cheese, Bacon, Mushrooms With Chips/Mash (INR 490.00)
Pomegranate Marinated Chicken (INR 490.00)
Chicken Leg In Pomegranate Marinade With Baby Potatoes, Spinach In White Sauce
Chicken Mushroom Pie Served With Mash/Chips (INR 490.00) (On Prior Order Only)


Chef Special Naga Pork Mushroom Bamboo Shoot Curry With Steamed Rice/Mash/Chips (INR 490.00)
Spiced North Eastern Pork Dish With Bamboo Shoot And Local Spices
Roast Pork In Apple Sauce With Mash/Chips (INR 490.00)
Peanut Butter Pork With French Beans & Steamed Rice (INR 490.00)
Oriental Baby Spare Ribs With Mash/Chips (INR 550.00)


Veg (INR 450.00/Non-Veg (INR 450.00)/Seafood (INR 490.00)
(All Non-Veg Thali’s Served With Curry, Rice & Fried Fish/ Kismoor/ Pickle/
Papad/ Kokum Sherbet/ Salt Fish Salad)
Plain Prawn Curry Rice/Fish Curry Rice Thali (Only Served For Lunch)
Samarachi Kodi Thali (A Coconut Gravy Dish Made Of Dry Prawns And Mango Seeds)
Plain Prawn Balchao Rice/Prawn Balchao Thali
Balchao – A Spicy Tangy Tomato Chilli Goan Dish Made From Dry Shrimp Paste
Fish/Prawn/Rawa Fry/Masala/Masala Crispy Fry
Please Check For Availability, Price And Varieties Of Fish And Other Seafood
Bomil (Bombay Duck) Rawa/Masala Fry/Calamari (Squids) Masala
Chicken Cafreal
Afro-Portuguese Goan Roasted Spicy Chicken Prepared In Konkan Spices 
Pork Sorpotel – A Dish Of Portuguese Origin
Sautéed Diced Pork Cooked In A Spicy And Vinegary Sauce
Pork Vindaloo/Fish Ambotik
Spicy Sour Portuguese Dish Infused With Kashmiri Chillies
Beef Tongue Infused With Konkan Spices (INR 380.00)
Sausage Chilly Fry
Goan Spicy Sausages Served With Sauté Potatoes
Sausage Pulao
A Rice Dish Cooked In Seasoned Broth With Goan Sausages
Roast Beef/Roast Pork (Goan Style)
Pickles (INR 40.00) (On Availability)
Tendli (Gentleman’s Toe) Pickle/Kissmoor/Carrot Pickle

Indian Kitchen

Veg (INR 300.00)/Chicken (INR 350.00/Lamb (INR 390.00/Seafood (INR 390.00)
Murgh/ Lamb Rogan Josh
Delicious Spicy Kashmiri Gravy Cooked In Indian Spices
Murgh Achari
Spicy Chicken Curry In Indian Pickling Spices
Paneer/Murgh Lababdar
A Punjabi Style Creamy Tangy And Sweet Dish With Onions Tomatoes, Cashews & Spices
Paneer/Murgh/Lamb/Prawn Tikka Masala
Roasted Chunks Marinated In Yogurt And Spices Served In A Tomato Cream Sauce.
Paneer/Murgh/Lamb/Prawn Kadai
Popular Spicy Punjabi Gravy Made From Indian Spices In A Tomato Based Gravy
Murgh/Lamb/Prawn Kolhapuri
A Hot Spicy Aromatic Dish From Kolhapur, Made With Indian Spices
Paneer/Murgh/Lamb/Prawn Palak
Boneless Meat Cooked With Creamy Spinach & Herbs
Paneer/Murgh/Lamb/Prawn Makhani
Popular Punjabi Gravy Made From Indian Spices With Butter & Fresh Cream
Murgh/Lamb Do Pyaza
Delicious Punjabi Sweet Spicy Gravy Cooked With A Good Portion Of Onions
Veg/Chicken/Lamb Mince With Mushroom, Bamboo Shoots And Baby Corn Masala
Dal Tadka/Dal Makhani/Dal Fry
Lentil Cooked In Different Styles Saute In Spices With Butter, Cream And Red Kidney Beans/Plain Fry


Veg (INR 250.00)/Chicken (INR 300.00)/Seafood (INR 390.00)
Pomfret/Tiger Prawns Tandoor
Ajwaini Fish Tikka Kebab
Fish Cube Fillets Marinated With Indian Spices And Yogurt
Chicken Tangdi Kebab (INR 320.00)
A Delicious Leg Of Chicken Marinated In Yogurt & Indian Spices Served A Tangy Salad And Mint Sauce
Paneer Garlic/Chicken Garlic/Chicken Malai Kebab
Succulent Chunks Of Chicken Wrapped In Creamy Textures Of Cheese, Cream Cheese And Sour Cream Along With Spices And A Squeeze Of Lime
Paneer/Chicken/Prawn Tikka Kebab
Achari/Kokum Chicken Tikka Kebab
Spicy Pickled Chicken Kebabs In Pickling Spices
Hariyali Murgh Kebab
Famous Green Indian Kebab Dish Baked In A Clay Oven With Spinach Marinated In Curd
Chicken Tandoori With Chips Or Mash (INR 490.00)
Spicy Indian Chicken Marinated Overnight In Yogurt & Spices And Cooked In A Clay Oven


Biryani Veg (INR 220.00)/Chicken (INR 260.00)/Mutton (INR 290.00)/Prawn (INR 290.00)
Fried Rice Veg (INR 190.00)/Non-Veg (INR 230.00)/Seafood (INR 260.00)
Steamed Rice/Jeera Rice (INR 90.00)
Stuffed Naan Beef/Chicken (INR 160.00)/Lamb Kheema(Minced) (INR 190.00)
White Bread Stuffed With Ground Lamb And Spices.
Naan/Tandoor Roti
Plain (INR 50.00)/Butter Garlic Cheese (INR 7.00)/Butter Garlic Chilly Cheese (INR 90.00)
Lachha/Mirchi Paratha (INR 60.00)/
Goan Bread (INR 20.00)

Desserts (INR 250.00)

Homemade Apple Pie With Ice Cream
Dark Chocolate Cakes With Ice Cream
Chocolate Fondue With Marshmallows
Malai Kulfi (Traditional Indian Ice Cream)
Indian Creamed Mixed Dried Fruit Ice Cream And Passion Fruit
Mixed Fresh Fruit Salad

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