~ Unique Holistic Healing Treatment ~

The unique Holistic Healing Treatment caters to each and every organ of your body. The ancient Ayurveda medicinal plants, barks and herbs are used to detoxify the body and rejuvenate the individual organ. The Doctors, practitioners will treat patients with the use of natural ancient medicines and treatments such as Acupressure, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Steam, Magneto Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Massage, and Cupping Treatment to remove and detox every organ of your the body. Patients who require Special Inner Healing will be introduced to Meditation and in case any person requires the services of renowned psychologists we would be able to arrange the same.

How does Treatment work?

The Doctors will examine the patients by Reading the Pulse (Nadhi Pariksha) and checking the Spine and eyes. After the diagnosis, each patient will be given the treatment as per the ailments and requirements.
Some patients may only need to detoxify the body while others may just need to de-stress.
Instead of antibiotics, harmful bacteria are rid by an ancient system known as Magneto Therapy. This treatment effectively kills harmful bacteria in our digestive system and cleanses the liver and other organs.

What is Magneto Therapy?

After diagnosis, the doctors are able to give a very strong antibiotic treatment that kills the deadliest of germs and bacteria that are harmful to our system. (without any tablets).

More Knowledge about the Ancient Magneto Therapy Treatment

The Human Body has millions of good bacteria and trillions of bad bacteria which are the primary cause of illnesses.
Your doctor will create a very strong magnetic field around the organs such as stomach, pancreas, liver and kidneys or any organs that need immediate medical attention.

When placed on the body, a magnet immediately attracts the bacteria towards it. It creates a very strong magnetic field around the body and weakens the bacteria. In magnetotherapy, while the bacteria is made weak, it's the white blood corpuscles that kill the weak, bad bacteria that are harmful to ours. In this way, only the bad bacteria are killed and the good bacteria are left unharmed.

Antibiotics while effective kill both the bad and good bacteria. It is imperative that we take good rest and eat very simple vegetarian food after the treatment to help our body recover faster. Ayurveda Foundation India has a firm belief in the human body’s ability to heal itself and fight against any disease. Therefore our treatments only assist the BODY after we kill the bad bacteria, balance the Vada’s, align the chakras, align the spine, remove blockages that jam the nerves, put the nerves in place, remove toxins and build the immune system.

Your body is able to fight any disease

Leading diseases that Ayurveda Foundation India has treated include Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Arthritis, Burning sensation under the feet, Tennis Elbow, Vitiligo, Vertigo, Male Sexual enhancement, Cancer, cleansing of the Lungs and Respiratory system, Slip discs, Backaches, severe Migraines, Knee pains, Sinusitis, Lumbago, Sciatica, Gall bladder, Liver, Kidneys, Skin Psoriasis, Obesity, Hair Loss and every other diseases that cannot be treated and healed by modern sciences or allopathic medicines.

Cancer is treated alternatively by introducing Oxygen Therapy instead of Chemotherapy. A very herbal Porridge, detoxing the liver, correcting the stomach and other organs and change in the lifestyle is introduced to the patient.

The Doctor treating the patients is an Ayurveda expert with an MD in Alternative Medicine and an MD in Acupuncture Medicine. She is a researcher and a natural healer and educated by the Alternative traditional medical system, she works with all systems of knowledge. Well handed medical information handed down by her forefathers in three generations.

She has spent many years studying why conventional medicine does not work and in that process learnt the wonders that Ancient Alternate Medicines can do to our human system. Studying the human body and nature at the microscopic level has helped her cure people of chronic illnesses. She has acquired immense knowledge about natural methods of healing by studying time-tested methods of immensely gifted and successful traditional Doctors who, in turn, have acquired and gathered their knowledge from their forefathers over the generations. She has spent significant time in accumulating this knowledge by travelling to the remotest places of India to learn from these traditional Doctors. Her work ethic is extremely credible and expertise is much sought after in Spain, Canada and Portugal apart from India, where she presently serves in the Ayurveda Foundation of India.
We have a team of determined, enthusiastic, versatile and forward-thinking individuals. They have spread their familiarity in working with projects that are humanitarian in nature.

Ayurveda Foundation India’s team has desires and ambitions that lead them in their quest for Natural Healing for all individual with Alternative Medical Therapies. The boundaries of Alternate medicine as we all know have no limits. Its growing popularity shows how deeply integrated it is to our lives and how its use can ensure us a safe and healthy future. The term alternative medicine refers to any form of medicine that is outside the mainstream of western medicine which is practised by a majority of Doctors today.

Alternative medicine has provided itself with a pioneering method of healing for several ailments over the centuries without causing any side effects.
In this present century, Alternative methods of care are once again being used in hospitals and clinics in growing numbers.
The most important part of Alternative medicine is that they are cheap and reliable and are fully functional and if the disease is properly diagnosed and the treatment is done under the guidance of a professional.

Over the last 4 decades, the upsurge of Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Homeopathic, Magnetotherapy, Ayurveda, Nature therapy etc. in every country has been phenomenal. It has been clearly understood that in some cases where conventional medicine has no solutions, alternative medicine has much more to offer and it is a very common saying that sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

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